New York improv team: Extreme Chain

EXTREME CHAIN IS: An energetic, fearless, anything goes improv group from New York City. Watch as four veteran improvisors weave a web of non-stop organic-based improv madness. There will be masculinity, there will be gloating, there will be excellence, there will be yelling, there will be accents, there will be emasculation, there will be awkwardness, there will be crying, there will be... BLOOD. From the beginning to the end, EXTREME CHAIN will leave you breathless and yearning for more. EXTREME CHAIN IS: 10x Improdome Champions (at the P.I.T. - People's Improv Theater - NY) 3x Inferno Returning Champions (at the Magnet Theater - NY) 1st Annual Irish Times 3 on 3 Tournament Champions (2011) All-Around Worldwide Amazing Award Winners* (Every Year) So proceed with caution and don't be a hero... shit's about to get real. You've been warned. EXTREME CHAIN IS: JONATHAN DEMUTH. JAMES ROBILOTTA. MARSHALL STRATTON. DOUGLAS WIDICK. * - Not a real award, but we tell Jonathan DeMuth is is.